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Gordon McKenna - CEO

The Evolution of MOBILITY


These new devices have opened up new strategies for businesses such as Bring or Choose Your Own Device and as these cross the boundary from the home to the office, users now want to be able to access more and more corporate resources from their own personal devices.

Inframon have a strong pedigree in both the delivery and management of desktop platforms and devices and are now at the forefront of providing effective Enterprise Mobility solutions for our customers. Embracing this new world of end user computing requires the right approach, the correct tools and a solid understanding of the pitfalls to avoid, so partnering with a company with the skills and experience to make this successful is key.

Traditional security measures such as firewalls are no longer enough. The most common data leak for a customer isn’t via a sophisticated hacker, but someone emailing or downloading this data onto a USB Stick or saving it to cloud based storage.

At Inframon we’re enabling customers with the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite to help overcome these mobility challenges. The future as we see it is: Work Anywhere, On Any Device, Securely.

Gordon McKenna - CEO

The Evolution of Cloud

Cloud computing is here

Inframon have always been at the forefront of cutting edge, data centre infrastructure and application management solutions and are now one of the leading specialists in delivering hybrid cloud platforms for businesses who have decided to take advantage of this new evolution in computing.

Transitioning to cloud computing will be, without doubt, one of the most important journeys your business undertakes. Partnering with a company that can help you both realise your strategy and implement the right solutions will be the key to whether this will be a smooth ride or a rocky one.

The cloud represents an opportunity for our business customers to radically change the way they manage and consume IT, enabling them to work more strategically with the business, and focus on adding value rather than firefighting problems.

Inframon understand that, clearly, not everything is appropriate for the public cloud, which is why we firmly believe in adopting a hybrid cloud approach. By utilising our established expertise in private cloud we can help you extend your capabilities into the public cloud, whilst maintaining control, visibility and support using your existing tools and processes.

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